Each print is based on an antique document and has a timeless appeal that works for both traditional and modern interiors. Our collection is printed on to a pure linen base cloth, which is milled for us in Scotland and is not only beautiful, but also practical and hardwearing – please click on about for further information.


  • Cloth & Clover Netherton Peony

    Netherton Peony

  • Cloth & Clover Netherton Celedon

    Netherton Celedon

  • Cloth & Clover Netherton Bluebell

    Netherton Bluebell


Cleeve Voile

  • Cleeve Voile Bright

    Cleeve Voile Bright

  • Cleeve Voile Rhubarb & Hay

    Cleeve Voile Rhubarb & Hay

  • Cleeve Voile Rhubarb & Indigo

    Cleeve Voile Rhubarb & Indigo

  • Cleeve Voile Rhubarb & Lilac

    Cleeve Voile Rhubarb & Lilac

  • Cleeve Voile Ochre & Smoke

    Cleeve Voile Ochre & Smoke


Printed Plains

  • Cloth & Clover Printed Plain Flax

    Printed Plain Flax

  • Cloth & Clover Printed Plain Honey

    Printed Plain Honey

  • Cloth & Clover Printed Plain Peony

    Printed Plain Peony

  • Cloth & Clover Printed Plain Plum

    Printed Plain Plum

  • Cloth & Clover Printed Plain Greengage

    Printed Plain Greengage

  • Cloth & Clover Printed Plain Peapod

    Printed Plain Peapod

  • Cloth & Clover Printed Plain Bayleaf

    Printed Plain Bayleaf

  • Cloth & Clover Printed Plain Moss

    Printed Plain Moss

  • Cloth & Clover Printed Plain Duck Egg

    Printed Plain Duck Egg

  • Cloth & Clover Printed Plain Light Indigo

    Printed Plain Light Indigo

  • Cloth & Clover Printed Plain Bluebell

    Printed Plain Bluebell

  • Cloth & Clover Printed Plain Midnight

    Printed Plain Midnight



  • Ullington Plum Kirkcaldy

    Ullington Plum Kirkcaldy

  • Ullington Light Indigo

    Ullington Light Indigo

  • Ullington Lettuce & Blush Kirkcaldy

    Ullington Lettuce & Blush Kirkcaldy

  • Ullington Honey Kirkcaldy

    Ullington Honey Kirkcaldy

  • Ullington Lettuce

    Ullington Lettuce



  • Caldecote Blossom

    Caldecote Blossom

  • Caldecote Duck Egg

    Caldecote Duck Egg

  • Caldecote Honey

    Caldecote Honey

  • Caldecote Indigo

    Caldecote Indigo



  • Abberley Clay

    Abberley Clay

  • Abberley Mallow

    Abberley Mallow

  • Abberley Duck Egg

    Abberley Duck Egg

  • Abberley Indigo Kirkcaldy

    Abberley Indigo Kirkcaldy



  • Cleeve Rhubarb & Indigo

    Cleeve Rhubarb & Indigo

  • Cleeve Rhubarb & Lilac

    Cleeve Rhubarb & Lilac

  • Cleeve Rhubarb & Hay

    Cleeve Rhubarb & Hay

  • Cleeve Ochre & Smoke

    Cleeve Ochre & Smoke

  • Cleeve Bright

    Cleeve Bright



  • dormston-rose

    Dormston Rose



  • Hanbury Hay

    Hanbury Hay

  • Hanbury Mallow

    Hanbury Mallow

  • Hanbury Midnight

    Hanbury Midnight

  • Hanbury Duck Egg

    Hanbury Duck Egg


Lulsley Block

  • Cloth & Clover Lulsley Block Greengage

    Lulsley Block Greengage

  • Cloth & Clover Lulsley Block Mallow

    Lulsley Block Mallow

  • Lulsley Midnight Block

    Lulsley Block Midnight

  • Cloth & Clover Lulsley Duck Egg

    Lulsley Block Duck Egg

  • Cloth & Clover Lulsley Plum

    Lulsley Block Plum

  • Cloth & Clover Lulsley Light Indigo

    Lulsley Block Light Indigo

  • Cloth & Clover Lulsley Light Moss

    Lulsley Block Light Moss

  • Cloth & Clover Lulsley Honey

    Lulsley Block Honey



  • Peopleton-Mist

    Peopleton Mist

  • Peopleton-Rose

    Peopleton Rose



  • Pixley-Indigo-Close

    Pixley Indigo

  • Pixley Flint

    Pixley Flint

  • Pixley-Raspberry-Close

    Pixley Raspberry

  • Pixley-Rhubarb

    Pixley Rhubarb

  • Pixley Greengage

    Pixley Greengage


The Littletons

  • The-Littletons-Indigo-Closer

    The Littletons Indigo

  • The-Littletons-Flint-Close

    The Littletons Flint

  • The-Littletons-Raspberry-Close

    The Littletons Raspberry

  • The-Littletons-Rhubarb-Close

    The Littletons Rhubarb

  • The Littletons Greengage

    The Littletons Greengage



  • Upwick Midnight

    Upwick Midnight

  • Upwick Mallow

    Upwick Mallow