Our wallpaper is printed on to a wide width non-woven base paper. The base paper is made entirely of cellulose fibres so unlike a traditional wallpaper it doesn’t need to be pasted and left to expand, instead the paste is applied directly onto the wall and the prepared sections of wallpaper are hung onto the pasted wall. We recommend professional installation, however please refer to our product care page for further information.


  • Cloth & Clover Netherton Peony

    Netherton Peony

  • Cloth & Clover Netherton Celadon

    Netherton Celadon

  • Cloth & Clover Netherton Bluebell

    Netherton Bluebell



  • Cloth & Clover Cleeve Rhubarb & Indigo

    Cleeve Rhubarb & Indigo

  • Cloth & Clover Cleeve Rhubarb & Lilac

    Cleeve Rhubarb & Lilac

  • Cloth & Clover Cleeve Rhubarb & Hay

    Cleeve Rhubarb & Hay

  • Cloth & Clover Cleeve Ochre & Smoke

    Cleeve Ochre & Smoke

  • Cloth & Clover Cleeve Bright

    Cleeve Bright



  • Ullington Plum Kirkcaldy

    Ullington Plum

  • Cloth and Clover Ullington Indigo

    Ullington Light Indigo

  • Ullington Blush Kirkcaldy

    Ullington Lettuce & Blush

  • Ullington Honey Kirkcaldy

    Ullington Honey

  • Ullington Lettuce

    Ullington Lettuce



  • Caldecote Blossom

    Caldecote Blossom

  • Caldecote Duck Egg

    Caldecote Duck Egg

  • Caldecote Honey

    Caldecote Honey

  • Caldecote Indigo

    Caldecote Indigo



  • Abberley Clay

    Abberley Clay

  • Abberley Mallow

    Abberley Mallow

  • Abberley Duck Egg

    Abberley Duck Egg

  • Abberley Indigo Kirkcaldy

    Abberley Indigo Kirkcaldy



  • Lulsley Midnight

    Lulsley Midnight

  • Cloth & Clover Lulsley Light Indigo

    Lulsley Block Light Indigo

  • Lulsley Block Plum

    Lulsley Block Plum

  • Cloth & Clover Lulsley Honey

    Lulsley Block Honey

  • Cloth & Clover Lulsley Light Moss

    Lulsley Block Light Moss